Expressing Your Appreciation

This product is thankware. It is a gift. I hope you enjoy it in good health. Depending on the gift, I hope that you find it useful, interesting, educational, entertaining, comforting, or helpful. You have not been charged for its use (except if you are reading a printed copy, you may have paid a nominal cost for paper and ink). Accepting this gift puts you under no obligation whatsoever.

If, however, you wish to express your appreciation to the giver in some tangible way, you can send a gift of thanks. This concept is known as "thankware". Your options for doing so are unrestricted and unlimited. However, merely as examples or suggestions, you might:

 Send an email with your comments.
 Send a postcard or letter with your comments
 Slip a buck or two (cash only) in an envelope and mail to:

PO Box 462467
Escondido, California 92046
(Note: the giver does not deal with banks, so please do not send any checks; checks will be destroyed and will not be returned or acknowledged).

 Send a gift of your own creation to the giver (or indicate where to find your gift on the web)
 Sign up with http://paypal.com and send a gift to thankyou@sharefreely.com

For further information about thankware, contact http://sharefreely.com